Auto Accident

An auto accident can be a tragic event that can lead to serious injury. In the case of an accident you can be assured that Orlando Pain clinic can address your pain to get you healing as quickly as possible with no insurance hassles. We have all the procedures to address everything  from back pain to whiplash. So in the unfortunate event of an accident trust your pain to Orlando Pain Clinic.


Aim Of The Pain Management Program:
Use a number of practical techniques and psychological strategies to enable a person with on-going pain to maintain physical performance, optimize day today function and reduce distress and suffering.

• Improve the fitness, mobility and posture;    counteract the effects of disuse
• Counteract unhelpful beliefs and improve mood    and confidence
• Avoid adverse drug effects
• Improve stress management


We use the latest analgesics (pain-killers) and anti-inflammatory medications, often in combination, to achieve the best pain relief with minimal adverse effects.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Highly effective for pain where there is an inflammatory component.
Adverse effects may include gastrointestinal irritation, bleeding and kidney problems. Adverse effects can be minimized by taking the medication after food and using it for short periods. NSAIDs are contra-indicated (not appropriate) for use by asthmatics.

COX 2 (Cyclo-Oxygenase) Inhibitors
This is a newer group of anti-inflammatory medication, similar to NSAIDs and is highly effective for pain where there is an inflammatory component.
Adverse effects similar to NSAIDs, but less problems with gastrointestinal irritation.

Weak Opioids
These are Analgesics used in mild to moderate pain. Adverse effects may include tiredness and constipation.

Strong Opioids
These are Analgesics used in the management of moderate to severe pain. They are Morphine-like drugs.
Adverse effects may include nausea, tiredness and constipation.
Available in different preparations including tablets, liquids and skin patches.



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Here at Orlando Pain Clinic we are dedicated to providing our customers with the personal service that is needed to truly address pain where it starts. You can trust that our staff are some of the most top trained professionals in the buisness. When accidents happen and pain starts you can come to the OPC to put your pain to rest and feel like new.